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Tissue Paper in Premium Quality Packaging

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FLUFFY has the following facial tissue paper in boxes to offer for local market after discount.Special EXPORT Prices for customers Worldwide

FLUFFY SMART Facial Tissue Box 50x2ply=100sheets US$0.22/Box(Rs60/Box)Rs2,750/Carton-ExLahore-Pakistan-55 Boxes/Carton

FLUFFY SAVER Facial Tissue Box 100x2ply=200sheets US$0.43/Box(Rs120/Box)Rs2,800/Carton-ExLahore-Pakistan-28 Boxes/Carton

FLUFFY POPUP Facial Tissue Box 150x2ply=300sheets US$0.52/Box(Rs145/Box)Rs3,500/Carton-ExLahore-Pakistan-28 Boxes/Carton

FLUFFY COMMANDO Facial Tissue Box 200x2ply=400sheets US$0.79/Box(Rs220/Box)Rs3,200/Carton-ExLahore-Pakistan-16 Boxes/Carton

FLUFFY GRANDE' Luxury Facial Tissue Box 200x2ply=400sheets US$0.90/Box(Rs250/Box)Rs3,375/Carton-ExLahore-Pakistan-15 Boxes/Carton

For EXPORT Inquiries Email us at fluffypakistan@gmail.com
For PAKISTAN MARKET Inquiries email us at info@fluffy.com.pk

For ORDER CALL: +92 333 4851455